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1. As a class group conduct some online research into the two Architects chosen by your tutor. The aim of this research is to collate 5 concepts (about one sentence each) relating to each of the 2 Architects. Your tutor will record the concepts on your class blog for your future reference. Take about an hour to do this step.

Note: the Wikipedia tells us that a concept is "an abstract or general idea inferred or derived from specific instances" ref. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Concept

2. Divide the pages of your notebook in half. If using an iPhone like device use a full screen.

3. On the top part of each page draw a series of 6 axonometrics exploring the amalgamation of 5 rectangular prisms. Each amalgamation should reflect a concept from step 1.

The rectangular prisms should intersect with each other at right angles. Use carefully hatched lines to highlight one set of surfaces that exist in parallel planes. Some of the rectangular prisms might be 'subtracted' from the others; you do not need to use the same set of 5 rectangular prisms for your 6 drawings.

4. On the lower part of each page draw a second series of 6 axonometrics that re-draw the first series from the opposite point of view. Use carefully hatched lines to highlight one set of surfaces that exist in parallel planes.

Note: The concepts you choose and the axonometric drawings you create will be assessed in the first two qualitative categories in the marking schedule.



Complete by the beginning of the next tutorial .

In consultation with your tutor take one pair of axonometrics created in class and construct them in 3 dimensions using SketchUp.

2. Follow the tutorial below to export your SketchUp model into Lumion.

3. Capture two images from your Lumion environment and upload them, along with the page from your sketchbook that you based it on, to your blog. To capture the images you could use a free software called Fraps, or the snipping tool that comes with Windows, or whatever you feel most comfortable with.

Note: make sure you save the Lumion environment as you go along as it will be a part of your EXP2 submission. Use EXP2 followed by your student id number then _v01, _v02, _v03 to denote successive versions (saving over the top of your files won't help you when the last one you saved becomes corrupt!).