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1. Draw a series of 3 parallel projections exploring the interconnection between pairs of your drawings from week one (make sure that each one of the pair represents a different concept).

Recall: the EXP2 brief states "Use one of these concepts to create a light rail stop ... and ... the second concept to help situate the light rail stop within its urban context.." So it might help to think about one parallel projection being the Light Rail Stop and the other the urban environment...

2. Draw the same set of 3 parallel projections from the opposite angle.

3. In the second set of 3 parallel projections, from step 2, imagine one of the two blocks is a structure that you use to form a 3d curving surface around (as if you were going to "subdivide and smooth" it using the Artisan Tools in SketchUp). Draw curving lines over the geometry to indicate its new form. On the geometry that remains rectilinear use carefully hatched lines to highlight one set of surfaces that exist in parallel planes.

The end result will be one rectilinear form interacting with one curvilinear form.

Note: throughout the class students will be exporting objects from SketchUp to Lumion; see the class blog for advice on where to get your copy of Lumion.


Complete by the beginning of next weeks tutorial.

In consultation with your tutor take one drawing created in class and use it to develop your Light Rail Stop in Lumion.

2. Use 'Fraps', the sniping tool, or similar, to capture two images from your Lumion environment and upload them, along with the page from your sketchbook that you based it on, to your blog.

3. Read the essay "On laziness, recycling, sculptural mathematics and ingenuity" by W. J. Neutilings. I discovered this essay after completing my degree in Architecture ... I wished I had found it at the beginning of my studies, I'm sure it would have made things a lot easier!


Note: make sure you save the Lumion environment as you go along as it will be a part of your EXP2 submission. To back up your Lumion work you will find the files in your "My Documents" folder; for ARCH1101 you'll need to save the Library and Scenes folders in particular.