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1.. In 6x6 squares draw a series of 36 custom textures that represent the entire range from dark to light.

2. Inspired by your parallel projections at a macro scale create a series of smaller detail elements and add these to your Light Rail Stop to reinforce/supplement the concept that they represent.

Note: throughout the class pairs of students will be critiquing each others images from their Lumion environments and discussing how their second concept is, or could be, demonstrating a distinctive and significant approach to siting the Light Rail Stop.


Complete by Sunday, 30 April by 11:59pm.

Apply a light, a medium and a dark texture to particularly significant surfaces within your Light Rail Stop. Upload the entire set of 36 textures to your blog.

Note: the YouTube video tutorial below demonstrates how to do this on a curving surface.

2. Continue to develop the Light Rail Stop, its siting and detail elements through to final resolution.

3. Use 'Fraps', or similar, to capture five images from your Lumion environment and upload them to your blog. We should be able to see your custom textures in at least 3 of the images. Write short comments (40 words max!) under 3 of the images to indicate how they relate to your concepts.

4. Upload your Lumion folder (located in your "my documents" folder) to your FileFront, Dropbox, or similar, user page and provide a link to them from your blog.

5. Upload your final version of the Light Rail Stop to the SketchUp Warehouse and provide a link to it from your blog.