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1. Divide the pages of your notebook in half. Draw a horizon line in the upper and lower halves. Use a single screen if using an iPhone, iPad or similar.

2. In consultation with your tutor select two sets of perspectives from last week and redraw them using the two point method.

3. With respect to the 3d model of UNSW Australia Kensington campus and the resource material on The Bridge add additional massing elements to those perspectives that begin to provide volume for the functional spaces required by the brief; these additional elements need not be rectangular.

Note: If you don't already have it, you can download the 3d model of UNSW Australia Kensington campus from the Courses drive, here: S:\ARCH1101-ArchDes1\Resources\Models

4. Under each perspective drawing write a few words that connect with your relationship to the prisms (e.g. above you, at eye level, below you) and also allude to your theory from week one. The 18 short sentences (3-5 words is recommended) should be different.

5. While you a drawing your tutor will engage you in small group discussions regarding your news articles or theory and design opportunities for bridging the buildings around the Squarehouse.

Note: throughout the class students will be constructing examples of these perspectives using Sketchup and importing them into Lumion.


Complete by the beginning of the next tutorial.

Watch the video tutorial called "Get to know Lumion in 15 minutes." here: http://lumion3d.com/tutorials/

Use these techniques to make two elements move in your design.

2. Upload 2 images to your blog that show the moving elements in different positions relative to the base architectural form. Think carefully about how your view changes as the elements change position ... and try to capture that difference in your still images.

Note: make sure you save the Lumion environment as you go along as it will be a part of your EXP3 submission. Use EXP3 followed by your student id number then _v01, _v02, _v03 to denote successive versions (saving over the top of your files won't help you when the last one you saved becomes corrupt!).