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1. In groups of 3, review the PDF showing a series of architectural plans (available here) and select one each to use as a precedent for your school. Each students selection should be driven by their developing architectural, computational design, or engineering theory; they should justify this to their team mates.

2. Once the students have made their selections they should spend about an hour modifying, extending, transforming, adjusting or otherwise developing their chosen plan to reflect the spaces required in the brief.

3. Finally, the students should use the same plan as above re-imagined as a section to develop their school in 3 dimensions. In other words, choose a section line (a cross section or long section) and rotate the plan through 90 degrees to create a section; the students will most likely need to shift elements of their developing plan vertically, up or down, in an attempt to make the Architecture make sense in 3 dimensions.

Note: throughout the class students will be constructing examples of these plans using SketchUp and importing them into Lumion.


Complete by the beginning of the next tutorial.

Create a 3 dimensional model of the school in SketchUp following the plan and section designed above.

2. Export the first draft of your bridge/school to Lumion and post 2 images of it to your blog. Upload the plans and sections you used to develop the model.

Note: make sure you save the Lumion environment as you go along as it will be a part of your EXP3 submission. Use EXP3 followed by your student id number then _v01, _v02, _v03 to denote successive versions (saving over the top of your files won't help you when the last one you saved becomes corrupt!).