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1. Movement can be understood as linear, rotational and scalar translation. Draw a series of 6 textures (within a 6 x 6 square in your notebook, or an appropriate size on your iPhone or similar) exploring each of those definitions of movement. For inspiration you might like to look at the pins on Moving Architecture at the ARCH1101 pinterest board, here.

2. Add 3 words that help you understand movement and create a series of 6 textures for each of those.

After doing steps one and two you will have 6 series of 6 textures (which 36 in total). See these samples.

3. Complete your MyExperience survey for ARCH1101; you can do this in any of the three ways suggested below ...

Note: Complete one survey each for Russell Lowe, Andrew Wallace and your Tutor.



Complete by the beginning of the next tutorial.

1. Apply the textures that you have used to explore movement to at least 3 places within your scheme. Their application should somehow aid our navigation through the environment.

2. Continue to develop your bridge and moving elements .

Complete a full draft of the outcomes required for EXP3. See the OUTPUTS section of the EXP3 brief for what is required; a full draft includes all of those outputs. While each of the outputs might not be finished they do need to present a clear indication of the strengths and opportunities of the scheme.

4. Bring a copy of your Lumion environment and any associated Sketchup models to next weeks studio (remember that you'll need your entire Lumion folder or the models within it won't show up). Week 05 will consist of a review session where each student will be required to critique and give feedback on at least 2 other students work. As this is a critical part of the design process your attendance will be recorded.

Note: make sure you save the Lumion environment as you go along as it will be a part of your EXP3 submission. Use EXP3 followed by your student id number then _v01, _v02, _v03 to denote successive versions (saving over the top of your files won't help you when the last one you saved becomes corrupt!).