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1. Familiarize yourself with the content of following page: https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Engine/Landscape/index.html

2. Then, following this mornings lecture, create a landscape element in your site model.

3. Using Fraps (or similar), post 5 images from different vantage points within and around the site. Each image should illustrate a different sense of scale. Use familiar objects or architectural elements to help the viewer identify the sense of scale in each image. Write a word under each image that best describes the experience you are trying to illustrate with the image.


1. Complete the site model.

2. Create a 30 second video showing a walk through of the site and post it to your blog with a short caption describing the types of quantitative data relating to the site you are most interested in.

Note: make sure you back up your UE4 project folder on a regular basis ... it will be a part of your Phase01 submission.