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1. Particle exploration. Review the UE4 content examples and implement 3 distinctly different types in your site; at least 1 of these should have potential to become your data visualisation system.

2. Adjust the parameters of each of the particle systems so that they show an extreme range in their effects; do 3 of these adjustments.

3. Capture each adjustment from step two in a 5-10 second video capture and upload to your blog with a short description that captures your intent. You should have 9 video capture after this step.

4. Discuss the quantitative data that has links to the site that you wish to represent with your tutor.


Complete by Sunday 16 August by 23:59.

1. Adjust the parameters of one of the particle systems so that it represents the quantitative data you identified above.

2. Complete all of the assessable outputs required by the brief for Phase 01.

Note: to make your project folder as small as possible (for quick upload and download) migrate your content to a new project>content folder. Upload your video animation to youtube, or similar, and link it back to your blog.