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Phase 01: The Pavilion

DUE: Sunday 13 September by 23:59.

ASSESSMENT WEIGHTING: 30% (marking schedule)


Timetable: 18 August - 13 September
Site: Cnr of Dowling Street and Reid Avenue, Woolloomooloo
Software: UE4, Rhino, Grasshopper
Techniques:Real Time Data Streaming, Advanced Grasshopper, Grasshopper Plugins, Migration.
Assessable Outputs:1 UE4 project folder, 9 Public Pavilions representing 3 distinct scripts, 9 sets of parameters, a passing grade in the IDDA Advanced Grasshopper course. 3 x 50-100 word statements describing the distinctiveness and significance of your designs, 3 composite images.  
Premise:That computation supports iteration and iteration supports successful design.


“Terminal Lines”, Architecture and Urbanism (A&U), Tokyo, Feb. 2000

"Architecture in the Digital Age" 2003 http://samples.sainsburysebooks.co.uk/9781134470440_sample_535112.pdf

Weinstock, Michael. The Architecture of Emergence: The Evolution of Form in Nature and Civilisation. John Wiley and Sons, [2010]

Johnson, Steven. Emergence: The Connected Lives of Ants, Brains, Cities and Software. Simon & Schuster, [2001]

Tim Burton. Batman Returns, [1992]


The brief for this design project calls for a pavilion that offers some kind of public shelter. It should also provide bathing facilities and lockers for people to store their belongings while bathing. The pavilion should link the public thoroughfares that boarder the three sides of the site with the low income housing on the fourth boundary. Create 3 distinctive grasshopper scripts to generate 9 versions of the pavilion; each script will generate 3 pavilions demonstrating the range of variability within each script. Capture the essence of the 3 versions including the related grashopper script in a composite image representing each script.


Massive UE4 Tutorial Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZlv_N0_O1gaCL2XjKluO7N2Pmmw9pvhE

The written tutorials below are a good refresher once your watched the video tutorials above (focus, especially, on the “Level Designer Quick Start” and “Artist Quick Start” sections):





In addition to the overall course assessment criteria students will be assessed on the level and extent to which they engage with the criteria listed below:

IDDA_ Has the student successfully completed the IDDA Grasshopper course?
Distinctive Scripts_ Are the three Grasshopper scripts distinctive?
Repeatable Scripts_ Are the three Grasshopper scripts well commented?
Theory Terminal Line_ Does the first Grasshopper script relate in some interesting way to Preston Scott Cohens theory of the Terminal Line?
Theory Emergence_ Does the second Grasshopper script relate in some interesting way to the concept of Emergence?
Theory Mobility_ Does the third Grasshopper script relate in some interesting way to the theme of Mobility?
Composite Images_ Do the composite images document the pavilions and how the parameters are impacting on them well?
Short Written Statements_ Are the short statements clear, evocative and professional pieces of writing?