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Today's tutorial is about getting students familiar with the UE4 blueprint editor.

1. Go to the "Massive UE4 Tutorial Playlist" on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZlv_N0_O1gaCL2XjKluO7N2Pmmw9pvhE and complete tutorials 24 - 32.

2. If it is available, migrate your site UE4 project to the Grasshopper to UE4 project template.

3. Following the lecture introducing the "terminal line" consider potential terminal lines that intersect with the site; discuss these with your tutor.




All tasks must be completed by the beginning of next week's tutorial. All task requirements contribute to your final blog grade.

1. Create your first grasshopper script that relates in some interesting way to Preston Scott Cohens theory of the Terminal Line.

2. Begin work on Assignment 2 / Learning Step 1 Grasshopper Advanced (Exam to be completed and result uploaded by 23:59 on 6 September).

3. On your blog create a new post listing 5 (or more) things you've learned about UE4 blueprints that were similar or contrasted your experience with other software.