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DUE: Sunday, 29 April by 11:59pm.

ASSESSMENT WEIGHTING: 30% (marking schedule)

TIMETABLE: 3 Weeks. 30% of final grade.
ARCHITECTURAL CONVENTION: Monumental Architecture.
ARCHITECTURAL CHALLENGE: Articulating figure and ground in 3 dimensions.
CLIENTS: Architects. One living, one dead. Chosen by your tutor.
SITE: ANZAC Parade at UNSW Australia.
PREMISE: Architecture may be designed by the amalgamation of discrete forms. Such Boolean operations promote an abstract understanding of the relationships required to make whole systems.


As you have probably noticed, Light Rail is coming to UNSW. There will be two stops at the Kensington campus; the Lower Campus stop on Anzac Parade will be located adjacent to the main pedestrian entrance at ‘University Mall’. Choose an architectural concept that was created, developed or challenged by each of the two Architects chosen by your tutor. Use one of these concepts to create a light rail stop that addresses one of the following three themes 1) technology, 2) sustainability, 3) the multicultural students and staff who study or work at UNSW. Use the second concept to help situate the light rail stop within its urban context.

Andrew Wallace: Adolf Loos and Jenny Wu
Brad Inwood: Decimus Burton and Mokena Makeka
Catherine Bakker: Enric Miralles and Amanda Levete
Chris Freeburn: Luis Barragán and Peter Eisenman
Dodi McMenamin: Harry Seidler and Wang Shu
Hayden Wooldridge: Jorn Utzon and Kazuyo Sejima
James Pedersen: Louis Kahn and Balkrishna Doshi
Martin Boehnel: Zaha Hadid and Herzog and de Meuron
Maryam Osman: Oscar Niemeyer and Benedetta Tagliabue
Shaowen Wang: Le Corbusier and Servo-Stockholm - LAX
Troy Donovan: Mies van der Rohe and Studio Gang


In addition to the overall course assessment criteria students will be assessed on the level and extent to which they engage with the criteria listed below:

THE TWO CONCEPTS_ Do the two concepts suggest a distinctive and significant approach to engaging with the theme the student has chosen and to situating the light rail stop in its context?
THE 18 SKETCH AXONOMETRICS _ Do the 18 sketch axonometric's communicate a distinctive and significant approach the student has taken with respect to each concept?
THE 36 CUSTOM TEXTURES _ Do the 36 custom textures demonstrate enquiry and experimentation with respect to ideas of light and shadow?
THE ARCHITECTURE _ Do the image captures demonstrate that the student has thought about the relative size of each element, what their proportions are, their orientation, how texture, colour and shadow map over their surfaces and how all of the above work together to reinforce/develop the concepts driving their ?


SketchUp to Lumion Tutorial on youtube

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