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DUE: Sunday May 02 by 9:00pm.

ASSESSMENT WEIGHTING: 30% (marking schedule)


TIMETABLE: 3 Weeks. 30% of final grade 
ARCHITECTURAL ISSUE: The Art of Experimentation 
ARCHITECTURAL CHALLENGE: Articulating figure and ground in 3 dimensions. Two laboratories.
REFERENCE TEXT: http://www.nature.com/nature/index.html
CLIENTS: Nicole Kuepper, Charles Darwin, Stephen Hawking
SOFTWARE: Crysis Wars, PlayUp for Google SketchUp, Fraps, Blogger 
TECHNIQUES: The axonometric, boolean operations, real time image capture, blogging 
ASSESSABLE OUTPUTS: 18 sketch axonometric drawings, 36 custom textures, 1 Crysis Wars environment, 5 real time image captures on a Blogger weblog. 
PREMISE: Architecture may be designed by the amalgamation of discrete forms. Such Boolean operations promote an abstract understanding of the relationships required to make whole systems.


Choose a specific idea from two of the three clients listed above and create an architecture consisting of three spaces. The first two spaces should be at either end of a structure made from 9 interconnected rectangular forms. The third space should be on the landform that articulates a ramp like relationship to the rectangular forms. The spaces at either end of the rectangular forms are the clients laboratories (imagine they actually came up with the idea there). The space on the landform is a place for your clients to meet and exchange ideas. The landform should allow each client to arrive at their meeting in a distinctive and significant way.


In addition to the overall course assessment criteria students will be assessed on the level and extent to which they engage with the criteria listed below:

THE THREE QUOTES _ Do the three quotes work together to suggest a distinctive and significant approach to engaging with each clients ideas?
THE 18 SKETCH AXONOMETRICS _ Do the 18 sketch axonometric's communicate a distinctive and significant approach the student has taken with respect to the clients ideas and their possible relationship to the space between?
THE 36 CUSTOM TEXTURES _ Do the 36 custom textures demonstrate enquiry and experimentation with respect to ideas of light and shadow?
THE LANDFORM_ Does the landform demonstrate a distinctive and significant approach to bringing the clients together?
THE IMAGE CAPTURES AND ARCHITECTURE _ Do the image captures demonstrate that the student has thought about the relative size of each rectangular element, what their proportions are, their orientation, how texture and colour map over their surfaces and how all of the above work together to establish the balance or otherwise of their scheme?



ftp://emustore.fbe.unsw.edu.au and navigate to; Resources\samples\Arch\ARCH1101 - Lowe

the above is a link to the ARCH1101 resources folder (your user name is the letter 'u' followed by your student ID and your password is your normal fbe password. If you haven't set that go to the "current students" page on the fbe website and follow the "FBE password services" link).

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